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Are you next in your Covid jab? Famed Hypnotherapist Reveals 90% Increase in Calls for Needle Phobia and Shares His Top Tips for Overcoming the Problem

The government's mass vaccination program against Covid-19 continues apace.

However, while safety concerns have made the headlines regarding stitches, for many it is the needles that cause fear and extreme excitement.

The introduction has now been extended to the over 45 age group and those in their thirties are expected to be vaccinated in the coming months.

As it is, there is no difference with the needle. All Covid-19 vaccines must be given by injection.

For many, this turned out to be a turning point in overcoming their needle phobia. Hypnotherapist Aaron Surtees said he saw a staggering 90% increase in calls asking for help getting rid of the problem after starting the vaccination program. The majority are young professionals who have had the problem since childhood.

He said: "For a year or a few years before the government announced the Covid vaccinations, it was common to move early when I received a mobile phone name asking for help getting rid of the needle phobia.

“In fact, in the past three months since the vaccine rollout began, I have received at least one cell phone call every week.

“It was a balanced mix of women and men and they are in the 30 to 50 age bracket. Many of them still had the problem but were forced to face their fears because of the vaccine.